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Hilo Free Shopping
Rs. 1000
Copy Code:
Minimum Order: Rs. 4999
Rs. 360

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Minimum Order: Rs. 1999
Rs. 150

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Minimum Order: Rs. 999
Get Upto Additional Rs. 1000 OFF!
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Rain Jackets
Save Upto 20%
Shoe Savers
Save Upto 37%
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Water Purifier / Dispenser
Save Upto 38%
Board Games
Save Upto 55%
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Baby Care Products
Save Upto 83%
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Air Conditioners
Save Upto 22%
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Washing Machines
Save Upto 25%
Iron & Garment Steamers
Save Upto 28%
Microwave Ovens
Save Upto 19%
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Mosquito Repellents
Save Upto 20%
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With vision to empower both our customers and vendors for an ultimate online buying and selling experience, our earnest way to conduct business has made it easy for many savvy enterprises and companies to extend their reach using our platform. 

Sastodeal is a leading e-commerce company in Nepal. We believe in transparency and honest communication and therefore have vowed to only provide our customers with genuine products and campaigns that uphold high levels of quality. BE GENUINE.
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  1. Go To Discount Coupon Vouchers Click Here
  2. Select the desired voucher.
  3. (Mobile) Long press and copy the provided code below the voucher.
  4. (Desktop) Double click and copy the provided code below the voucher.
  5. Go to products and add to cart.
  6. Paste the Coupon Code copied earlier to get valid discounts.
  7. Proceed to payment options and check out.
How To Apply Coupon?